guitar ostersund pathwayI have been drawn to music since I can remember.My family has a long heritage of musicians and music lovers and I was introduced to this early on in life.My father and uncle are or have been professional musicians at one time or another in their lives.I have several cousins and other relatives who also play music.So, growing up in a Bailey household, it didn’t come as a big surprise that I eventually picked up one of the multiple instruments lying around and learned how to play.

I have been playing guitar for two decades and mandolin for 15 years. Part of my journey included The George Bailey Trio.  In 2003, we released our last album, “Gravity Dance” on our own label.  The album features original song writing from all three members: George Bailey, John Doan, and myself. Lately, I have spent some time broadening my solo set and working with a couple of different bands in the area.   The first of these is a bluegrass group, Swimming With Champy, comprised of members from the band Jim.  Sven Curth plays banjo, Joe Beneshan on acoustic guitar, and Dick Fitts on upright bass.  The other group, Big Slyde, is more of an Indie-Folk group also made up of local musicians, including John Doan (formerly of GB3) and his daughter Hannah, Mike Portal, and Dusty and Christina Grant.  Check us out at  I have a few of my solo songs posted at