Everything You Must Know About Powerball: How Does It Work?

Interested in lotteries? Well, the Powerball can be a great choice for you then. It is actually an American lottery game that is prevailed in a total of 45 states of the USA. Besides that, this lottery game is also available in the District of Columbia the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. This lottery game is conducted and coordinated by a nonprofit organization named Multi-State Lottery Association. Though you may have heard about this lottery, you will be surprised to know that its predecessor, Lotto America, started in the year 1988. Later on, Lotto America changed its name on April 19, 1992. So, technically this lottery game was launched in the year 1992 and the first draw was done on April 22.


A brief history of Powerball


Once it originally started in 1992, the Powerball started with a two-drum system. It is the first lottery game to start this. According to the sources, an Oregon lottery employee named Steve Caputo was the first person who proposed the idea of this two-drum system. He believed that this system can improve the overall design of the lottery game for better. As predicted, this design has successfully enabled high odds for winning top prizes and also the low odds for smaller wins. Gradually, this two-drum lottery system became very popular and many lottery games started to copy it worldwide. Over the course of time, this lottery game has changed its format too. It has increased the jackpot prizes and improved the chances of winning the prizes too.


How does Powerball Drawing work?


The winners for the Powerball are announced during the drawing. The drawing takes place every Wednesday night and Saturday night. The drawing is conducted at the Universal Studio located in Orlando city of Florida. You can get the result and know about winners from:


  • Online
  • The official Powerball website
  • Newspaper
  • Television