Avalanche Lake and beyond…

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One of my favorite workouts is a mountain run that winds up to Avalanche Lake, in the heart of the High Peaks Wilderness.  I just ran up there this morning for a 2.5 hr run with ski poles.  It dawned on me that I had opened the new training year with the same workout just over a month ago… You can see the difference in climate in the two pics below. 

In between those two workouts, I spent almost two weeks in Bend, Oregon getting a bunch of on-snow hours in.  We skied 3 hours every morning at the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center, and then descended to Bend for two hours of afternoon training, either running or on mt. bikes.  It is always a great way to start the year; easy to get plenty of training in and this year was one of the best for skiing that I’ve witnessed over multitude of trips to Bend.  We even had a few days with fresh powder conditions…  Much of last winter’s race course conditions didn’t compare to the spring skiing in Bend!

    70 degrees and great running just outside of Bend.
  Early morning snow squall at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center!
   Afternoon MTB training with Sean Doherty and Tim Burke.


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