Goodbye Canmore, Hello Presque Isle!

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Canmore Biathlon Stadium

 After a blissful two weeks in Canmore, we hopped on a charter flight to Presque Isle on Monday morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed the competitions in Canmore and was stunned at the amount of passion and dedication shown by the volunteers and the spectators.  In addition to the strong showing from local Canadians, it seemed like almost every nation was represented; from Norway to Russia, U.S. to Germany, people made the global trip Canmore for the World Cup… truly amazing stuff!

As for the team; we had a successful week, with Tim Burke placing 7th in the Pursuit and an all-time best team finish of 4th in the Mixed Relay event on Sunday.  This was an exciting race, which left us 1.8 seconds from bronze when I crossed the finish line.  Although it is a little bit heartbreaking to get that close to a medal, we know that we are right there with the other top nations, and we know that we can do it!

Here’s to another successful week in Presque Isle! -LB

A few more pics from Canmore…

The Bow River

On The Bus to Training


Range Exit 

A Czech, Italian, and German: International Problem-solving. 



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