What does the fox say?

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Saw this guy on my ride the other day!  It’s been quite a week of training and wildlife.  I saw this fox on my way through Wilmington, NY early in the week, just after seeing a Pileated Wood Pecker about a mile previously.  On Wednesday I witnessed a newborn White Tail fawn in a field in Vermontville.  It must have only been a couple of hours old because it couldn’t even stand up yet.  I almost stepped on it as I walking through the tall grass.  After a few hawk and blue heron sitings on various different rides and roller skis, I found myself on one of my favorite trail runs, just a mile or so from my house.  It was a torrential downpour and as I approached a small pond I surprised a huge beaver that jumped out off the bank, just a few feet from where I was running!  Today is the Mountaineer Trailrun, an 11.5-mile run through some of the most rugged terrain in the Adirondacks.  Looking forward to a different sort of race!





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