Wednesday on the Mountain

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It’s Wednesday here in the Olympic Village and another beautiful, sunny, clear day in the Russian mountains.  The village is starting to fill up with more athletes now as different teams make their entrance.  The venue and shooting range has felt a little empty over the past couple of days as a lot of the teams haven’t arrived yet.  I’m guessing today’s training will be a little busier.

As far as training goes, the venue is beautifully prepared and the tracks are in great shape.  They made a few changes to the design after last year’s world cup – namely a restructuring of the first downhill hairpin corner.   Last year, the corner was unbanked and extremely difficult to get around on race skis.  Almost 30% of the world cup field crashed at some point during the World Cup races!  This time around, they’ve banked the turn and made the approach a little more gradual coming into the curve.  Overall, the 3.3km Sprint course is challenging but a great course.  Below you will find a few pics from yesterday.  From top to bottom: Panorama of Endurance Village and lower part of Cross-Country course (click on the picture and zoom in to see the full-size image), Tim Burke and Russell Currier wait for the transportation shuttle outside our chalet, my Ralph Lauren Team USA apparel, an ice sculpture outside the dining hall.

2014-02-04 12.34.53





One thought on “Wednesday on the Mountain

    Sonja said:
    February 6, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    Good luck and a lot of fun….

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