Wind Storm in Ostersund

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I spent last night wondering if the walls were going to cave in.  The wind so strong that the bark was blowing off the trees outside our apartment at Camp Sodergren atop the Ostersund Biathlon Venue.  It has stayed steady since then and took a heavy toll on the biathlon stadium construction project underway to the left of the shooting range.  By morning, the scaffolding/barrier wall that had protected workers from the shooting range had nearly collapsed.  Because of the high winds, the range officials cancelled all shooting today so I just had an easy classic ski in the morning before we head out for intervals in the afternoon.  By the time I finished training, the wall had completely collapsed.  At the moment, the entire wall is laid out across the last ten points of the shooting range.  On the bright side of things, the trails are still in relatively good shape, the wind is supposed to die down this evening, and the temperatures are projected to drop below freezing.  Find the videos and pics from this morning below.

Shooting Range Building

Ostersund Biathlon Range

Biathlon Range Ostersund

Biathlon Range Ostersund (2)


Tree Over Power Lines


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