Final Days in Utah

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After almost three weeks of training in Soldier Hollow, it’s time to pack up the rifle and rolleskis and head ever eastward.  After another few workouts, I’ll be flying back to Lake Placid for a few days, then a few shorter trips around the Northeast to tie up loose ends before I head across The Pond to Sweden.  It’s been a great camp in Midway.  The weather cooperated and allowed us to complete all of the biathlon-specific biathlon training that we had planned and even work in some on-snow skiing up at the higher elevations in Park City.  I won’t bore you with the details of my day-to-day training regiment.  Suffice it to say that there was a lot of shooting, a ton of roller skiing, and a smattering of cross-training workouts this camp.  After around 75 hrs in three weeks, I’m ready for the upcoming recovery week!

Other than training, my life has featured a fair amount of guitar playing and coming up with a new Fast Big Dog hat design.  For the benefit of those of you unfamiliar with Fast Big Dog Racing, I will elaborate a bit.  FBDR is my newest sponsor and perhaps one of the most unique due to the fact that FBDR does not have a headquarters, a product, or even a website.  They/he does have a mission however: To foster and sustain U.S. Nordic Sport through supporting athletes and teams seeking international success.  FBD himself may argue that the mission statement is a bit more nuanced, but generally speaking, he’s a great guy who has and continues to help out myself and bunch of other American Nordies.

I was entrusted in heading up the 2014 FBDR Biathlon hat design team this season.  After many many hours of deliberation, I believe we have reached a final design which will go to press next week.  I can’t release it now as that would spoil the surprise and anticipation that I’m sure tens of people across the world are feeling right now.

For now, it’s one more afternoon workout, then a quick trip across the States back to LP.



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