Dump It!

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Now those are some intense fans! Dumping it Portland style!

As the snow beat down on me in Oberhof during the Mass Start today, I was psyched to learn that my sis, mom, and a bunch of friends in Portland were cheering me on back home in the States via the interweb.  For those of you confused by the hand gestures in the photo as well as the title of this post, “Dump It” is a catch phrase that my sis and I, along with several friends, came up with during the past year.  Loosely translated, it refers to anything “cool, interesting, extraordinary, or just plain insane”.  For example, one could scream, “Dump It!” just prior to bungy-cording off a bridge or setting off a trebuchet on a cold winter’s night.  Used as a cheer, one can yell, “Dump it!”  as a means of telling someone to “Go for it!”, “Rip it up!”, “Go for the Gold!”, etc.  To flesh out the phrase, we all came up with the international sign for “Dump It” (See above photo) so that it can be both an auditory and visual experience.

It was a fun race today with a lot of lead changes and an incredibly close field.  I had a couple misses in the first standing stage which took me out of contention for the lead group, but I was happy to come back and clean the final stage to finish in 16th.  Although I think there was roughly 30,000 spectators in the Oberhof Stadium today, I think the “Best Fan” award has to go to the Portland Posse for organizing what looked like a sweet Stateside biathlon party!  Thanks guys and see you (via the net) next week in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic!



3 thoughts on “Dump It!

    Roger Weston said:
    January 9, 2012 at 3:47 am

    Mr. Bailey, How about “Dumping It” next week in Nove Mesto?

    Lets see if New Yorkers can make enough noise stamping our feet and yelling “Go Bailey,” “Dump It” ! ! ! for you to hear…….

    “ski fast” and “knock em down”

    coach roger weston

    Big Al said:
    January 10, 2012 at 3:01 am

    Sort of looks like they’re throwing around some gang signs. I understand Portland is getting a little like the hood these days. I’m not sure I can fully embrace “dump it” as a catch phrase on par with “badjhait” till I’m confident it’s not associated with gang activity. I’m intrigued by the visual aspects, though. That’s always been missing from budgjeheeat. There’s something a bit more tribal or archetypical about yelling BADAJEEEEeeeeet!, though. I will have to consider this more fully.

    Inch said:
    January 10, 2012 at 9:35 am

    So, I will start to Nove Mesto today too. I’m happy to watch a worldcup live again after 5 or 6 years. The years between I went to Altenberg IBU Cup every January. So, dont forget to smile during the races because the pics I’ll take 😉
    Good luck I wish you!

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