Pre-World Champs

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Hi Everyone,

I’m in Antholz, Italy at the moment. Tim and I have been here for a little over a week following the conclusion of the Fort Kent World Cup. It was nice to be home in the USA for three weeks and I was fortunate to have some good results at both of the American races. I think the high point for me was definitely the 9th place in the Fort Kent mass start. During the previous day’s Pursuit Race, I made a costly blunder and forgot to take two of the four clips I needed for that four-stage competition. This meant that, upon reaching the first standing stage, I had to flag down a race official and get two clips from the spare rifle on the spare rack. This took added a solid 30 seconds on to my course time and took me out of a Top-20 finish. At the end of the day, when all the numbers were crunched, it appeared that this error had cost me the qualification for the Mass Start the following day.

However, luck was with me on Sunday and a few of the qualified athletes dropped off the start list within an hour and a half of the start. Thus, I was given the last race slot and a chance to compete in my second Mass Start of the season. The race went well and I was able to shoot two penalties, leaving the range in 8th position for the final lap. I was able to hang on and place 9th, my career best.

Now, it’s just been a week and a half of training in Antholz. Tomorrow we drive to Munich and catch the charter flight to Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. World Championships are less than a week away!

All the best to everyone!


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