Ostersund: A little city with a big biathlon stadium

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I finally arrived in Ostersund, Sweden yesterday after a two-day marathon of travel from Lake Placid – Lake Placid-Albany-Newark-Frankfurt-Stockholm-Ostersund. The skiing is great here and it looks like most of the teams have arrived already or are slated to be here in the next few days. After the -20C weather of Canmore last week, I figured I was free of the extreme freeze for a while but it looks like the the temps are predicted to be hovering around the -20 mark all week in Ostersund. I was out classic skiing this morning and the stadium thermometer read -17C. It’s still nice to be out on wide, well-groomed, lengthy loops after the 1200-meter loop of Canmore.

We’ll be training through the weekend and early next week, testing skis and making any final adjustments before the first race. The first men’s race is a 20km Individual, scheduled for Thursday of next week. Looking forward to getting back in the World Cup mix!


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