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Out in utah right now… The land of sun and scrub brush.  It’s been a decent training camp so far.  I got sick just before I came out here so I had to lay low for a couple of days in the hotel room.  I was able to train on Wednesday and do some intervals by Saturday of last week.  So now it’s just to get back in the swing of things.  We had a time trial today… Can’t say it was my best performance, but hey, given the fact that my wheel exploded and I made it down the last downhill, I’m pretty happy I’m even able to type right now!

Training is going well.  Other than that, I’ve been asked to get involved with the Greenlaces movement.  Greenlaces is a program set up to motivate people about environmental awareness and conservation.  As Greenlaces participants, athletes pledge to do something that is environmentally conscious and, in order to promote the movement, they either wear green laces in their competition shoes or wear a Greenlaces patch/logo.  Since the laces of my skiboots are covered, I guess I’ll be going with the patch.

So sorry. no pics right now.  I’m tired and it’s a little bit of work (like 5 minutes) to get the pics uploaded in the right format.  I’ll try and get some up in the next few days.  For the time being, I just wanted to get back on the board with a new web post.




One thought on “Utah’n

    sam Turner said:
    October 24, 2009 at 1:02 am

    I’m good friends with Tim Burke’s uncle Pat. Very funny video. I went on my honeymoon to where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet (married a finn). It was great to see the terrain, reindeer, and NASTY weather. Pretty good production value also on the video. Kudos, and great good luck in your competitions.

    -Sam Turner

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