Looking Back… Way Back!

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Thanks to Billy D for getting this jem out of the archives.  Vintage NYSEF shot!
Thanks to Billy D for getting this jem out of the archives. Vintage NYSEF shot!
Jeremy Teela and I at Bernds wedding.  Check out Jeremys site, jeremyteela.com.
Jeremy Teela and I at Bernd's wedding. Check out Jeremy's site, jeremyteela.com.
Ahh yes... Spring skiing!  Billy D maching off the top of some mountain in Utah.
Ahh yes... Spring skiing!

After an epic start to the season – I left April 22nd and didn’t get back until May 14th – I’m back in LP.  I guess I’ve been here for about a month now but I just haven’t got around to posting a new update.  It took some prodding from a certain Jacked Up Old Man* to get me off my @#$ and back in “update mode”.   So… the update:

*Jacked Up Old Man, see also “Robert Duncan Douglas”, or “Basement Bob”. www.jackedupoldman.com.

I took a trip out west to Utah in April to tele ski for a week with Jeremy T, Casey S, and Billy D.  That was an awesome experience.  I never get the chance to just tele ski for a week unless it’s April.  Usually, I just stick around here and ski Whiteface for a few weeks.  But this time I felt like hitting the Western powder.  I skied 7 different resorts in 8 days and had a blast!

From there, I flew back to LP for a few days and then left for Europe on April 22nd.  Landing in Munich, I drove five hours over to the Czech Republic to spend some time with my girlfriend.  Then we headed back to Munich for my team manager, Bernd Eisenbichler’s, wedding.  Then, directly to Colorado Springs for some shooting training with the position shooting head coach.  Two days later I was skiing on the Olympic trails in Whistler, B.C.  Four days later, we hopped across the water to Vancouver Island and trained for a few days at the Washington Mt. XC Center – three feet of snow in May!  Then it was down to L.A. for an NBC photo/video shoot.  That took a full day and was an interesting experience in a world I’ve never had the chance to see.  And finally I made it back to 4589 Cascade Rd., ready to get back to the real nuts and bolts of what we do.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this last month – nuts and bolts, the day-to-day biathlon training regiment.  Dryfire, rollerskiing, shooting, running, biking, etc.  And of course, I’ve made time to fit a little bit of music in on the side.



2 thoughts on “Looking Back… Way Back!

    Jacked Up Old Man said:
    June 15, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    There is vibrant world outside of my basement. Some day maybe I shall venture out. But right now am digging a tunnell to …….. Have extra shovels, coffee, jackhammers etc for all who want to suffer down in my world.
    For now I shall live vicariously through others..

    Range Master said:
    July 3, 2009 at 1:02 am

    Sounds like the JUOM is tunnelling a rollerski course towards Whistler – so those on the WC team work hard, play hard, relax hard and don’t forget to look over your shoulder now and then for you know who!

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