Snow In Austria

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An Austrian military snow-blower clears snow outside the Hochfiltzen biathlon stadium.

Hochfiltzen, Austria

After leaving Finland on Monday morning, we arrived in Hochfiltzen, Austria to find a blanket of Tyrolean snow covering the entire town. This is a huge contrast from last year’s Austrian world cup that saw green grass and temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the world cup in Finland, the rep from Alpina helped me out by pushing out a section of my racing boot to accommodate my feet. Alpina boots are made of materials which, when heated, can be molded to make a custom fit for any foot.

Perhaps the biggest change since leaving Scandinavia is the amount of daylight we enjoy here. After spending four weeks in Sweden and Finland, I was getting a little tired of the four hours of daylight per day. It was actually difficult to see where you were going at times during the afternoon races!

The races at the world cup in Kantiolahti didn’t go as I had hoped but at least I did well enough to make the cut for this week’s competition. It was an amazingly tough field of 120 competitors and I placed 61st and 67th in the Individual and Sprint races respectively. This week, only the top 90 competitors from Kantiolahti will be eligible to race in Hochfiltzen. I am looking forward to a different course profile and a brand new week of races.



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