Torsby Tunnel: Our Home Away From Home

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Although it might sound like an odd title, the truth of the matter is that the US Biathlon Team has had more training camps in Torsby, Sweden over the last two years than anywhere else on earth.  This is probably due to the fact that Torsby is home to the longest ski tunnel in the world.  At any point in the year, one can walk through three or four glass doors and – presto! Instant winter.



The team convened in Torsby on November 5th after spending less than a week at our respective home bases following our October training camp in Utah.  I did manage to pack in quite a lot while I was home for those six days.  My fiancée Caitlin and I closed on our new house, successfully moved in, and I suppose we now consider ourselves homeowners.  I had just enough time in between the moving to get some recovery training in, pack for six weeks in Europe, and leave Cait with an immense assortment of unpacked cardboard boxes.  What a guy!

 Torsby Indoor Biathlon Range 

Now, after months of training and preparation, the race season is fast approaching.  Tomorrow we head to the east side of Sweden and the town of Solleftia.  We will be training there until the snow gets better elsewhere.  Just a couple of weeks and the first world cups will be here!  The first race is a 20km Individual in Finland on the afternoon of November 29th.  If you’re interested in watching the races click on the link at the bottom right of this page.

Finally, thank you for checking out my site.  I would like to thank Kris Seymour for helping me put this all together.  Please check back as much as you like.  I have every intention of posting updates frequently.  Cheers.



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